I built this standing desk for my wife. The top is made from Ash. After I glued up the boards, I brought it to a local wood shop and had them rough sand it with their massive drum sander to even out the joints. There were a few defects that […]

Standing Desk

This was a fun project to build with the kids. We wanted something for them to climb on outside, but I didn’t want to just buy a typical swing set. Instead, I used Toja Grid brackets to build a simple pergola frame using 4x4s. We put a cargo net on […]

Climbing Structure

This was a little device I built that detected changes in electromagnetic fields. I used it to count the number of cars that drove by a certain spot. The idea was that metal cars would trigger a change in the electromagnetic field, but people and other objects wouldn’t.

Car Counter

Here’s a hope chest I built based off of the ‘Chest of Drawers’ project from the Wood Whisperer Guild. I didn’t need the chest of drawers, but I used the same design to make a chest that lives at the food of our bed. The panels are made with cherry, […]

Hope Chest